Sweet Goodbyes

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Dear everyone who has ever been reading this blog, We have been writing this blog for almost two years now and it has been great. We have learned a lot by writing this blog. Especially the travel stories were what we loved writing for you. But now we are going to stop. For everyone whoRead more

This is the end

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Dear Marije, you’re sitting next to me right now near our beautiful private pool. In a few hours we’ll both be boarding our planes and we’ll fly home on the same route simultaneously but not on the same plane. That’s interesting isn’t it? These few months have been filled with things I’ve never seen beforeRead more

A little rant about tattoos or something of that matter

Dear Marije, homegurl is back! Yet with another story to tell. I was really fascinated with you talking about the lives of other people that we often don’t really think about. And in a way it’s good, cause you just can’t think of everything or take everything to heart. But just realising it every nowRead more

Not having a home?

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Dear Marije, I read your letter in awh. It sounds like a wonderful moment you had with that woman. I think it’ll be a picture that she’ll cherish forever.. You said that the woman looked like she probably didn’t own more than the clothes on her body. And as of by chance I’ve also reallyRead more

Interrailing part 1. Oh my dear Italy

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Hi Marije, so this is my first letter of this series, that have yet to be written, to you. As I’m writing this I am actually sitting on my appartment floor eating a delicious piece of pizza with the best mozzarella ever. Seriously, they throw loads of it on every single pizza. I don’t mind.Read more